Financial Help for Single Moms Raising a Special Needs Child

Financial Help for Single MomsThe information regarding financial help for single moms raising a special needs child that is readily available online is limited, at best. Despite this, mothers all around the nation are searching each day on ways to manage money. Generally speaking, raising a child is a very expensive endeavor. If you consider the costs associated with the parenting of the child that has special needs, you will find that the expenses of raising a child instantly skyrocket. Additional costs incurred as a result of special needs include higher medical expenses, special types of therapy, higher insurance rates, modifications to the home, vehicle, and schedule, as well as any special equipment that is required by the child in order to engage in daily living activities. Furthermore, children with special needs often require qualified childcare services, which is exceptionally expensive in today’s world. In this guide, you will learn a few techniques regarding financial help for single moms who are raising a special needs child. Not only does this guide outline ways to manage money, but, it will also inform of ways to obtain additional funding.

The Social Security Administration

The first place that you should look for financial help for single moms that are responsible for raising a special needs child is the Social Security Administration. This organization actually provides two different types of coverage for kids with disabilities. The first is called “Supplemental Security Income” and the second is called “Social Security Disability Income”. The first provides cash assistance on a needs basis. The second provides payments to a child if their parents are considered to be disabled. The rules, guidelines, and regulations with these programs are exceptionally strict; however, if a single parent and/or their disabled child qualify, the programs could provide much-needed income to a family – especially a single parent household.

Engage in Clinical Trials

The next method of obtaining additional money for single parent households where a special needs child is being raised is to engage in clinical trials. In many instances, a disabled child or the parent may qualify to take part in a medical study. In most instances, these trials test medications and other types of treatments. Due to the nature of the programs and the length of time that a study typically takes, not only do the participants get access to new treatments first, but, they are also paid for their time and participation.

Earn Cash Money Online

If a single parent of a special needs child is looking for ways to manage money, it is quite likely that they find themselves short on funds. The most reasonable way to overcome this shortage is to make more money. Unfortunately, that is often quite a challenge for parents raising a child with mental and/or physical disabilities. However, there are many legitimate ways to earn cash money online. Examples include making money by creating blogs, developing a website on a favorite topic, selling old and unwanted items on eBay and Amazon, or even writing a book and self-publishing that book!


There are many ways for single moms of disabled kids to acquire financial help and learn how to manage their money. Single parents are faced with numerous complications and challenges. This is especially true if the parent is raising a child that has special needs. Not only does this put a strain on the family physically and emotionally, but, it also nearly always results in some level of financial strain. By taking advantage of the programs offered by the Social Security Administration, engaging in medical research activities, and discovering creative ways to earn cash money online, the individual seeking information on financial help for single moms with a special needs kid is sure to discover the cash that they need to support their family.

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