3 Ways to Save Big by Planning Family Trips Early

family-travel-planner3 Ways to Save Big by Planning Family Trips Early

If you are in search of save money vacation tips, you are not alone. Millions of people worldwide experience complications in trying to save up cash for a family trip. Numerous individuals are finding themselves in financial pinches. Despite the fact that, at one time, most families could embark on at least one vacation each and every single year, that is no longer the case. Due to the harsh economic complications facing the world and the decline of disposable incomes, many are finding that this is no longer an easy endeavor. The good news is, despite the fact that it is not easy to save for a family vacation, it is a realistic goal. This is especially true if you make an effort to plan for the event exceptionally early. In this brief guide, you will learn about 3 save money financial tips that will allow you to successfully embark on that family trip that will permit you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Research Peak Travel Times and Shoulder Seasons

One of the best save money vacation tips is to avoid taking your family to areas during the peak travel times each year and opt for traveling during shoulder seasons. Peak travel times will vary by location; however, summer is almost always considered a travel peak time – regardless of location. Other examples include Christmas in New York, Spring Break in Florida, and Mardi Gras in Louisiana. Ultimately, special events result in demand in a particular location and optimal weather is the second factor that goes into determining peak travel times. By conducting a little research on the area that you want to plan a family vacation, you will be able to determine which parts of the year are the peak travel times and which times of the year are considered to be shoulder seasons, or periods of time when travelers do not typically frequent the area.

Opt for Vacation Package Deals

When researching save money vacation tips that are associated with planning ahead of time, you will find that opting for vacation package deals is one of the most popular strategies for reducing the cost of a family trip, but, optimizing the comfort and luxury level of the trip. Vacation packages for families often include airfare, hotel accommodations, a rental vehicle, entertainment, meals, beverages, and activities – especially those designed for families that have kids. All of the companies that come together to become part of a vacation package offer amenities and prices that are not advertised to the general public, which means you will receive heavy discounts. If you purchase a vacation package deal well in advance of your trip, you will experience even higher savings. If you want to save up cash for a family trip, you should ensure that that money is put towards a vacation package deal for optimal savings.

Look Into Discounts – On Everything

The third and final tip when it comes to save money vacation tips is to look into discounts – on everything. One of the best methods of doing this is to search for social media groups and pages that offer coupons, discount codes, travel freebies, and similar items. You may also be able to discover local websites that offer coupons and other types of items that will allow you to save up money while traveling with your family. In addition to looking into discounts, you should research the region that you anticipate visiting to discover the free attractions and activities that your family may enjoy. For example, if you are visiting the Nation’s Oldest City, St. Augustine in the State of Florida, you will find that there are many free activities that may be enjoyed. For example, you may visit the rumored haunted Huguenot Cemetery, have lunch and take a walk on the grounds of the Castillo De San Marcos fort, visit the Fort Matanzas National Monument, or take a tour of the Whetstone Chocolate Factory and receive free chocolate samples!


The top 3 save money vacation tips among families planning ahead for their outing includes traveling during what is called the “shoulder season”, opting for vacation package deals, and looking into discounts and freebies. By following these simple save money financial tips, you will discover that it is not only easy to save up cash for a family outing, but, that it is easy to save up cash while you are on that outing. Family trips do not have to be and should not be expensive. The purpose and intent of the trip is to create lifelong memories and experiences that will be cherished. By using the 3 methods outlined in this guide, you will not only be able to take that trip you have been dreaming of, but, you will also be able to create those memories and experiences that will create a strong bond and a high level of happiness among everyone in your family.

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