Which Online Degree is The Best?

There are three main online degree programs: ITT Tech, Devry, and University of Phoenix. All of these programs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and online degree programs as a whole still need to make a lot of headway. Which program is correct for you largely involves your industry and your field of study. There are also some other options for those who are willing to do some work offline, or are willing to take some extra steps to secure a position in a more traditional school.

ITT Tech is mostly focused on technical degrees. This is the school of choice if you want a short-term degree that involves a technical field, such as automotive maintenance. Many ITT Tech degrees can be received in a matter of a couple of years. It is an accredited institution, and the degrees and certifications they give out are valid across the nation. ITT Tech is not the place to go if you want a traditional four-year degree or advanced degree. How employers view ITT Tech depends largely on the employers themselves, but it can be a great way to get in the door in a technical field.

Devry offers many degree paths but is more known for its information systems and computer systems degrees. Devry has both two-year and four-year degree paths along with a few certification and technical degrees. For those looking to get into an engineering field or a computer sciences field, Devry is probably the best choice. However, Devry does not have a good professional or business school, so if you are seeking a degree in a field such as accounting or business management it may be best to make another choice.

University of Phoenix is probably the most famous of online schools today. It’s mostly a professional school, and offers everything from two-year degrees to master’s degrees. University of Phoenix also has physical campuses in many different states, which makes studying much easier for those who need to do some things in person. Tutoring is also available in the physical campuses. University of Phoenix is not strong in technical degrees, so those seeking a technical degree would be better off considering Devry.

If you’re going to an online school you do need to be aware that many employers today do not consider it on the level of an actual university, even though these online schools are fully accredited and even if the educational material is similar. ITT Tech is taken the least seriously out of the three, with University of Phoenix being the most respected. If you are in a very competitive field it may be worth it instead to strongly consider going to a traditional university. There are many traditional universities today that do offer online only degree programs, and these degrees will be seen as more substantial than online degrees.


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