How to Save Money Every Month

We could all use a few extra buck each month, agree? Below are some great tips that will help you save money every month.

Review Your Phone Plan

Are you paying for a cell phone? If you spend at least $60 a month on your phone, that adds up to $720 a year. Get rid of the cell phone plan and try out a prepaid plan phone. The phone might not be as flashy as you have now, but you will save 75% more every month.

If you have a home phone, get rid of it and subscribe to Skype for free. This will save you at least $30 a month.

Look Over Your Car Insurance

You are probably paying too much for insurance. Call your insurance broker or agent and ask them to look around for better offers. Or, take matters into your own hands by increasing the deductibles on your health, car and home insurance policies to save monthly cash.

Ditch Unused Memberships

If you have a gym membership, ditch it. Instead, find some places close to home to go walking, jogging or biking.

Save on Energy

Most people think their energy costs are fixed. This is completely wrong. Some of your more expensive costs include your heating and air conditioning. Use both sparingly, or replace them with energy-efficient coolers and heaters. This includes fans, heat pumps and mini split units. Some of these are up to ten times more cost efficient.

Shop Smart!

You can also save money every month by combining your shopping trips into one or two days a week, washing your own car and finding the cheapest gas station close to your home. Just these minor changes can add up to a lot of extra money every month.

Start Couponing

Another great way to save monthly money is by cutting and using grocery coupons for household items and groceries. Coupons have been around forever, but they are more popular today because of the rising cost of food and our shrinking budgets. Coupons are found in the Sunday newspaper inserts and in weekly grocery store ads. When you use them both together, the savings are substantial.

Shop Online

Another smart way to save money is by shopping online for birthday gifts and gifts for special occasions. Always search the clearance and outlet sections at online stores to get the best discounts. Before you buy something online, check the Internet coupons and discount codes to apply to your purchase for a better discount. Every small discount is worth the savings.


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