How To Get Your Free FICO Score

There are many websites that will give you your FICO score for free, and some are much better than others. By choosing a website that offers a comprehensive and complete credit report along with the FICO score, a person can ensure that they get the most information as possible regarding their credit.

Sign Up For The Website

Most websites that provide a free FICO score require a person to sign up for the website. Usually, a person can sign up by filling out some basic information and giving their email address to the website. In addition, a person will usually be able to create a username and a password that they will use to log into the website in the future.

Provide Credit Card Information

This step is not always necessary, and not all websites require a person to provide their credit card or debit card information when they obtain a free credit score. The websites that do require a person to provide this information ask their customers to do so in order to allow the customer to automatically continue with credit monitoring services from the website.

Answer Some Simple Questions

Many websites that provide a free FICO score will require a person to answer several simple questions in order to verify their identity. These questions may be about a vehicle that a person has purchased, a recent address that a person has lived at, a large purchase that a person has made recently or just about anything else.

View The Credit Report

Once a person has filled out the information that is required by the website in order to sign up and answered some verification questions, they can view their credit report.

Most websites that provide a FICO score will also provide a complete credit report with a wide variety of information regarding a person’s accounts, recent credit history, total balances for the accounts, new applications for credit that have recently been submitted and much more.

Decide Whether Or Not To Subscribe To Credit Monitoring Services

Many websites that provide a free FICO score also offer various credit monitoring services. While these credit monitoring services aren’t necessary to receive the free FICO score, they can be very helpful because they will notify a person when their credit score changes.

The credit monitoring services provider will send the customer an email when a new account is opened with their name and information or when a new application has been filled out with their name and information.

Check Your FICO Score Frequently

Once a person has signed up to obtain their FICO score for free, they can visit the website frequently in order to check their FICO score. By checking one’s FICO score frequently, a person can determine how their credit report has changed during a certain period of time.


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