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Being in debt can feel like you are being held captive by your finances. Many find that once they begin getting into debt, it begins to spiral out of control. There are ways to get out of debt if you put your mind to it, and focus on being debt free.

It is important to be aware of all of the debts that you have. This may be a student loan, credit card or car loan. Make a spread sheet of your debts from smallest to largest. When you begin paying off your debt, starting with the smallest amount is always the smartest thing to do. Getting that smallest amount paid off first gives you instant satisfaction and motivates you to move forward to the next debt.

When dealing with credit cards and their debt, it is important to know your credit card apr. If this is high, then you will want to move faster to get that debt paid off in order to save you money. Many will vow to never have another credit card once they get the one with the high credit card apr paid in full.

A great way to get motivated to get out of debt is to put every extra dollar on the debt amount. Many will have garage sales or sell items online in order to make extra money. Another idea to make extra money is to take on an extra job. All of the money made while working this job should be put straight on debt. This will help your debt get paid off faster and move you one step closer to financial freedom.

Being in debt does not have to be a way of life. If you put your mind to it and work hard, then you can be out of debt. Once you are debt free, then you can begin living your financial life in a brand new way. You can give more money to help others, and save up for things like vacations and new items for your home. The possibilities are endless once your debt is paid in full.

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