What the Average Family Will Spend on Vacation

So long as my wife keeps me away from the firewood, we should have no problem with the campfire this weekend.

It’s been a long time since my family has taken a camping vacation and I can’t wait to see what my daughter things about it. If everything goes well, the food will be great, the fire warm and no one will be eaten alive by mosquitoes. But, before we head off into the wilderness, I was wondering what the average family spends on a vacation?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has a number and it’s $1,415 or 3% of a family’s annual expenses. Of the family travel budget, 44% is spent on transportation, 23% on food and beverages, 23% on lodging and 10% on entertainment. Below is one of those graphs my economics degree has taught me to love so much.

If you were to break down the expenses into average number of dollars it would be:

Transportation – $622.60

Food – $325.45

Lodging – $325.45

Entertainment – $141.50

Honestly, I would have thought lodging to be the most expensive portion of the budget. One other interesting fact, the age group that spends the most on vacation is those 55-64 who spend an average $,1897 on the trip.


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