My First Couponing Experience: I’ve Never Had So Much Fun Buying Cheerios

Managing your grocery bill is an important first step for any frugal family finance disciple.

Out of all the expenses that a family incurs, the grocery bill is one of the largest. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average family spends about 13% of their total expenditures on groceries, or about 1/6th of your budget. My family spends about 16% and that extra 3% over the average costs over thousand dollars in a year. Also, given the diversity of food choices, eating options and ways to save, it is also one of the easier one’s to tackle.

I’m not likely to jump on the extreme couponing movement. However, I do know that if coupons could save me $10 every shopping trip, I will dramatically reduce my grocery bill costs.

I took my first step yesterday and used my first coupon.

My local Save-A-Lot had an excellent sale on Cheerio’s: $2.49 for a 21.5 oz box. I like to think of savings and deals in terms of how cheap I can buy any day. A 14 oz. box of Wegmans brand cereal sells for about $1.99. By the oz. it was 11.6 cents an oz. at Save-A-Lot versus 14.2 cents with Wegmans Brand. I was very excited, but the fact that I had an online coupon for $1 for three boxes made me even more excited. With coupon, the cheerios were 10 cents an oz.; between the sale and the coupon, I saved $2.70.

I’ve never been so excited about saving $2.70.


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