Save Money with Google Hangouts

google-hangoutsGoogle Hangouts is a new platform that allows you to instantly connect to your friends and loved ones across the country or across the world! This platform, which was created by Google, offers text messaging and video chat features. Google Hangouts was designed to replace three different messaging-based products that were offered – Google Talk, Google+, and a video chat system that was integrated with the Google+ service, called Hangouts. The new and improved Google Hangouts is not only innovative and multi-functional; it has been designed to be the future of telephony capabilities offered through Google. Connecting to loved ones across the nation and across the world is an expensive endeavor that could costs hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each year. By utilizing Google Hangouts, you have the capability of connecting to your loved ones instantly, and absolutely FREE of charge!

Using WiFi to Connect to Loved Ones

Google Hangouts allows you to make and receive calls by using a WiFi connection, for free. In addition to offering you a free and easy way to connect to those that you love the most, you no longer have to be burdened by less-than-favorable mobile signals. According to studies, WiFi phone use is beneficial because the following situations may be avoided:

  • You are not charged for overage fees for the messages, texts, and minutes that you use through a mobile provider.
  • You may avoid paying for a mobile service that charges you for exactly what you use in way of messages, texts, and minutes.
  • You are no longer plagued by poor signal quality when connecting to your loved ones that live outside of your region.

Getting Google Hangouts Set Up

Now that you know that it is possible to connect to your friends and relatives that live across the country or the world absolutely free of charge with Google Hangouts over a WiFi connection, it is now time to learn how to get the service set up so that you may enjoy it right away. The following steps must be followed:

  1. First, you must obtain a phone number from Google Voice. You may simply set this up on your computer, laptop, or cell phone.
  2. Next, you must then download and install Google Hangouts on the device that you have selected in the first step.
  3. When you are ready to send a text or make a phone call, simply use Google Hangouts!

Communicating with Google Hangouts

Now that you know the basics of Google Hangouts, it is time to learn about the various methods that this platform may be used to communicate so that you may take full advantage of your money-saving capability with it:

  • You may indulge in online chat with other individuals that are signed up for Google Hangouts, or Google+.
  • You may engage in text messaging with anyone in the entire world by using the number you are provided with by Google Voice.
  • You may make phone calls to anyone, anywhere in the entire world with the platform.
  • You may engage in video calls with other individuals that use Google Hangouts – regardless of their location.


As you can see, connecting with your friends and loved ones does not have to be expensive. You must simply know and understand what resource to use to accomplish the goal, without spending a penny. That is the new and innovative text messaging platform, Google Hangouts. Not only do you have the ability to connect through telephone without the burden of a cell phone bill, but, you may also text message your loved ones and even engage in a face-to-face video chat! If you are ready to save money, install Google Hangouts now!

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