How to Save up Cash: Top 3 Tips for Smart Families

how-to-save-up-cashIf you are searching for how to save up cash for your family, you are not alone. It is not at all uncommon for today’s families to experience complications in the area of finances and to find that they are struggling to save up cash. CNN recently reported that the financial cost associated with raising a child has increased an amazing 40% in just the last decade. The average expense associated a child from birth to 18 is approximately $227,000.00. Given this fact, it is easy to understand how wallets, checking accounts, and savings accounts often come up empty by the conclusion of each month. The main issue facing today’s families is that many of the save money financial tips and techniques often require an overhaul when it comes to the lifestyle. In this guide, you will be introduced to the top 3 save money financial tips and techniques that will allow you to successfully save up cash without having to completely change your lifestyle.

Smart Shopping

If you want to succeed in the endeavor to save up cash, you should start with your shopping. Many families mistakenly believe that they have to be an extreme couponing expert or skimp dramatically in order to save money when it comes to shopping; however, this is not the case. Yes, utilizing coupons and opting for sales are optimal methods of reducing the amount of money that you spend at the store; however, there are other steps that may be taken, too. Examples include carefully planning out meals and snacks, making one large shopping trip instead of many smaller trips, incorporating the use of a food storage system that involves a deep freezer and additional shelving so that food may be purchased in bulk, and resisting spontaneous purchases.

Reach for the Reusable

One of the best save money financial tips for families is to reach for the reusable and reduce spending on items that may only be used once. For example, many families often spend in the way of $1.50 – $2.00 for a 3pk. of paper towels for the home. As we all know, each paper towel may only be used once and discarded. Instead of spending this money on paper towels, why not invest the same amount in an inexpensive pack of washcloths that may be used over and over again? Instead of purchasing Ziploc bags to store items in the refrigerator, freezer, and/or pantry, purchase storage containers that may be reused. Other items that should be avoided are paper plates, non-rechargeable batteries, and Kleenexes. Only purchase reusable items and you will find that it is easy to save up cash, over time.

Secondhand Treasures

The third and final save money financial tips for a family looking to save up cash is to make investments into secondhand treasures. While brand new items may prove to be quite rewarding and exciting, it is also rewarding and exciting to uncover previously used items that may be purchased at the fraction of the cost. You may find secondhand treasures at thrift stores, scratch and dent stores, used book stores, Goodwill, yard sales, garage sales, estate sales, auctions, and similar events. It is common to discover books, board games, video games, toys, clothing, electronics, outside sports equipment, and other high-ticket items in these locations. Not only will you enjoy the immense savings that stem from purchasing secondhand items, you and your family will enjoy the fun in going out and discovering these treasures, together!


As you can see from the information contained in this guide, we show you how to save up cash. It does not matter if you are saving for the holidays, an emergency fund, college, or just saving for the purpose and intent of saving, you will find that the money you save on shopping, reaching for reusable items, and purchasing secondhand treasures will add up quickly. In fact, you will probably find the amount that you save from taking these 3 steps is much more than you ever expected! For example, by using a buy one get one free coupon on a box of cereal, you could save up to $5.00. By purchasing a pack of washcloths for $1.00, you will save yourself at least 50 cents for a week on paper towels, and by buying a used book for 50 cents instead of a new one at $15.00; you have saved yourself $14.50. Add that all together – just one time – and you have already saved $20.00! Multiply that, over and over again, and you will find that it is very easy to save up cash for your family!

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