Money Tips for Families – Learn How to Eliminate Money Trouble Today!

Did you know that by following a few simple money tips, you and your family have the potential to save over $4,000.00 each and every single year? If you are attempting to eliminate money trouble, this may seem like a nearly impossible task; however, it is doable. By following the right money tips, learning new behaviors towards money, and being creative, you have the ability to get to the point where you experience no money trouble, whatsoever. Simply trim those small expenses that are incurred on a daily basis, increase the amount that you contribute to your savings account, and learn to develop a respect for money and you will find that you are well on your way to achieving all of your financial-based goals.

According to information derived from the Bank of America, individuals that work outside the home incur many daily expenses that, if eliminated, could result in an immense amount of savings each year. For example, many start their day with a cup of coffee that they purchase from a retailer. On average, this coffee costs approximately $1.56 each day. However, if that same cup of coffee was retrieved from a coffee pot that brewed it at home, it would cost approximately $0.17 a cup. If you make your own coffee at home, you could save $6.95 a week, or $340.55 a year! Another thought to ponder is this; if a gallon’s worth of latte is purchased from a coffee vendor, it costs approximately eight times that of one gallon of gas!

Speaking of gas, if you drive yourself to work, you are probably spending approximately $8.89 each and every single day. This covers both fuel and parking costs. If you take a bus, carpool with others, or even ride your bike, that cost is reduced to approximately $4.40 a day. By making this simple transition, you have the potential to save at least $22.45 a week, or $1,100.05 a year. According to statistics, the United States – as a whole – saves approximately 85 million gallons of fuel each year as a result of carpool groups. By taking this route, or a similar one, you, too, have the ability to save quite a bit each year. Many money tips for families involve leaving a vehicle behind. If you want to eliminate money trouble and improve your financial situation, you should seriously consider alternate forms of transportation.

Many families receive at least one newspaper on a daily basis. The average cost of a paper is $1.50. If you have a desire to get to a point where you have no money trouble, you should consider reading the news on the World Wide Web for free. This could result in a savings of $7.50 a week or $367.50 a year. You have the ability to read the news on websites such as and the websites of the local news stations in and around your area. In addition to this, there are many social media pages and accounts on Facebook and Twitter that develop local, regional, national, and global news stories. By taking advantage of these resources, you have the ability to save a tremendous amount of money each year.

When looking for money tips that will help your family eliminate money trouble, you should consider food costs. This is especially true if you and/or your loved ones work outside the home. If you purchase a lunch at a restaurant or cafeteria, you will spend approximately $10.00 each day. If you pack your lunch, you will spend an average of $2.84 a day. This means that you may save $35.80 each week, or an amazing $1,754.20 a year. The same holds true for snacks. An average vending machine snack costs $1.75 a day. If you pack your own snack, you will only spend about $0.15 a day. This means you have the ability to save $8.00 each week, or $392.00 annually.

By considering the money tips of brewing coffee at home, choosing alternate forms of transportation, reading the news on the World Wide Web, packing your own lunch, and choosing only snacks that you personally pack, you have the ability to save thousands of dollars each year. You will find that it is easy to eliminate money trouble by making a few small changes to your daily routine. In doing so, you may save money for the future, invest to improve yourself on a personal or professional level, or even have a little bit of fun – the choice is yours! Follow these money tips today and enjoy many financially secure tomorrows!


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