Going Organic without Breaking the Bank

organic on a budgetGoing Organic without Breaking the Bank

Buying organic may prove to be a challenging task for individuals that are on a tight budget. Nutritionists and shoppers that are eco-friendly often find the word “organic” on a food label highly attractive, but, the prices associated with such products may frighten those away that have a desire to optimize their health through the consumption of natural foods. The good news is, in today’s world, the heightened interest in the consumption of organic foods and the benefits that such foods bring to the consumer’s health has increased the competition among those that specialize in the production and sales of organic foods. This has, in turn, increased the level of availability of these food types. As a result, those that sell organic foods have reduced the prices of the products. In this guide, you will learn how to successfully buy organic on a budget.

Choose Unpackaged Organic Foods

One of the easiest ways to buying organic when you are on a tight budget is to purchase foods that are unpackaged. Today, there are many grocery stores and other types of food retailers that have dispensers set up within their store that will allow shoppers to obtain organic foods such as nuts, coffee grounds, natural cereals, beans, and lentils for the fraction of the cost. When choosing unpackaged foods, you may easily obtain the exact amount of the food product that you need. In addition to this, you will need to bring your own bag to obtain the product. This reduces the amount that you have to pay and assists you in helping the environment. By avoiding packaged organic foods, you do not have to pay for a name brand, marketing campaigns by the brand, or the creation of a fancy package. You will find that choosing unpackaged foods is one of the most effective means of buying organic on a budget.

Avoid Organic Processed Foods

One of the most overlooked methods of buying organic on a budget is to avoid processed foods. Yes, there are organic-based processed foods on the shelves today. Common examples of these products include chips, various types of candies, and even organic pizzas. Just because a package states that it is organic does not mean that it is healthy or cost-effective. The processed organic foods cost up to four times that of other organic foods, such as produce. Instead of purchasing processed foods, opt for carrots, cucumbers, or hummus as a nice organic snack. Not only are these healthier options, but they are much cheaper options when buying organic.

Use a Farmer’s Market

If you are interested in buying organic, you should shop at a farmer’s market in or around the area where you reside. Individuals that cultivate their own foods sell at these markets. Due to the fact that they grow and sell their own food, you will find that the prices of the available food products are much cheaper than the same products sold in grocery stores and other retailers that specialize in providing foods to customers. Supermarkets often impose price mark-ups on customers, whereas the farmer’s market does not. This is a wonderful way to learn more about the foods that you buy in addition to buying organic on a budget.


At one point in time, purchasing organic food was an expensive task. As a result, many people simply avoid purchasing natural products because they feel as if they are unable to afford them; however, by opting for unpackaged foods, avoiding processed foods, and using a farmer’s market, you have the ability to buy organic on a budget. The simple steps outlined in this guide will leave you with more healthy foods in your kitchen and more money in your wallet!

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