Top 5 Ways to Go Camping as Cheap as Possible

go-camping-as-cheap-as-possibleTop 5 Ways to Go Camping as Cheap as Possible

Camping is a fun experience and it does not need to be a pricey experience. There are ways to camp while on the strictest of budgets. You can break the bank to take a camping trip or you can be smart and learn these little shortcuts and tips to help make the camping trip possible without breaking the pocket book. Here are the top 5 ways to go camping on a budget.


1. Use what you have instead of buying new camp equipment.
There is no need to go out and purchase all the fancy camping equipment. Look at yard sales to purchase the camping equipment you can’t live without such as a tent. If you don’t have sleeping bags you can carry extra quilts and blankets. Use your own pots and pans for cooking. Purchase cheap paper plates and plastic forks, knives, and spoons for ease of cleaning. You can also borrow camping equipment from family or friends. This tends to be done a lot because people do not use camping equipment all the time.

2. Camp in the off-season.
If you choose to camp on the summer holidays you will pay full price. By choosing to camp either during the week during the summer, on a weekday that is not a holiday, or camp during the fall, winter, or spring, you will camp at reduced prices. Some camp grounds may be free from October through March. Plan your camping trips during off season times for the best or free rates.

3. Camp in a group.
Groups can split the cost of the campsite as well as splitting the cost of the food. Depending on the number in the party groups can sometimes receive a discount. Make it even cheaper by combining this tip with tip number four below.

4. Camp primitive.
Primitive camping means you will not have a picnic table, a grill, and electric and water hookups. Primitive camping means you find a spot in the field or in the woods and pitch the tent. This kind of camping is roughing it at its best. It is among the cheapest ways to go camping.

5. Shop for your camp food from your regular grocery store while you are home.
Many campsites are around tourist towns. These kinds of towns are normally more expensive with groceries. To save money shop for sales on camping food items ahead of time to save on the food budget. Prepare as many of the meals in advance.

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