Top 5 Things You Should Ask the Seller to Pay For When Buying a Home

home-buying-seller-payTop 5 Things you should ask the Seller to Pay for when Buying a Home

When you decide to make an offer to buy a home, you need to really think about the costs involved. There are several things that you should ask the seller to pay for. Often, they will agree to do so in order to get the home sold. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!

1. Closing Costs
At the top of the sellers concessions should be help with the closing costs. This is a percentage of the purchase price that they will pay towards them. It can also be a set dollar amount that they agree to pay. This reduces your cost for closing on the loan.

2. Items on the Inspection List
Before you can get a loan for a home, an inspection has to take place by a professional. They will document anything that they feel needs to be completed for the home to be up to standards. Include in your offer that the seller will pay for what ends up on that inspection list. Those items will have to be completed, then a second inspection scheduled to confirm they are done.

3. Various Home Repairs
As you go through the home, you may find some items that you think need to be repaired. You can ask the seller to take care of them. They can do the work on their own or they can pay for a contractor to complete them. Such repairs can be simple such as replacing the kitchen sink due to leaking or more excessive such as repairing cracks in the driveway. You can include new locks for all the doors in this request too.

4. Appliances
Does the refrigerator seem like it is on its last leg? Is the dishwasher not in working order? You can ask the seller to pay for those items to be repaired or to be replaced. These are higher priced items that you may not have the budget for. Don’t forget to take a close look at the hot water heater too.

Make sure you check the heating and cooling system before you buy the home. If they aren’t up to code or they are old, you may wish to have them inspected. Based on that inspection, you can ask them to pay for repairs or replacement of those essential home care items.

5. Windows
If the home doesn’t have energy efficient windows, consider asking the seller to pay to upgrade them. This is going to help you to reduce the cost of heating and cooling. It will also help the appearance of the home to be upgraded if it is an older style. This doesn’t have to be a huge expense. However, it is optional so not all sellers are going to agree to this particular request.


Don’t be shy when it comes to asking for sellers concessions. They can say no and then you have to decide if you want to proceed with the home purchase anyway. However, most of the time they will agree as long as the offer for the home is reasonable.

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