Choosing the Right College Degree by Focusing on in Demand Skills

The last recession hit younger generations particularly hard. After decades of a college degree all but guaranteeing a decent job, many college graduates found themselves entering a tough job market. As many as one in two college graduates have been working in a job that does not make use of their education. You might find yourself studying away for four years, and spending tens of thousands of dollars on a degree, only to find yourself graduating and working at a grocery store.

If you want to avoid such a situation, it is essential to pick a degree that will teach you in demand skills. Employers now need employees with very specific skills. Consider this, while many general business majors are struggling to find goods jobs, many people who graduate with an accounting degree find themselves employed before they even hit the job market! Why? Because a degree in accounting teaches a very specific set of skills, and it turns out that these skills are in demand.

Another big push has been for “STEM” majors. STEM refers to science, technology, engineering, and math. We are shifting towards a knowledge economy, and some of the most in demand areas of knowledge are in hard sciences, such as chemistry, and math or engineering related fields. A lot of Americans don’t like doing math, but if you are good at it, a degree in engineering or mathematics is a near sure-fire way to land a good job.

If you are more of a hands on person and want to help people, a degree in health care could also lead to a great career. Everyone knows you need to go to college to become a doctor, but that isn’t your only option while you are at university. You could also train to be a nurse, physician’s assistant, or pharmacist, among others. All these of these career fields pay very well and demand for people with the necessary education to work in these fields is also high.

So make sure you closely consider a degree that will teach you very specific skills and that will be in demand in the future.

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