Best Cash Back Credit Cards for Students

It seems everyday we receive credit card offers in the mail, see them on tv or receive emails promoting the next and best credit card deal. On several instances, credit card companies tend to target students with sky rocketing interest rates and high annual fees. With student loans, textbooks to pay for, housing and a meal plan every student needs a credit card that benefits their lifestyle, not compromises it. We have compiled a list of simply the best cash back credit cards for students.

Chase Freedom Card

In addition to getting 20,000 points (or $200.00) when you spend $500.00 in three months, the Chase Freedom card offers 1% back on everyday purchases in addition to 5% back on selected categories! Several credit card companies offering 5% pick categories which are nearly impossible to see any return given that the offers are so rare. Chase actually offers 5% on items such as gas, restaurants and even hotels. The categories change quarterly and best of all there is no annual fee!

Citi Forward Card for Students

The Citi Forward card is nearly identical to the Chase Freedom card, but requires a lower credit score to be approved. Although this card does not offer any introduction bonuses that we could find, they still over 1% on everyday purchases as well as 5% on certain quarterly categories. The nice feature of their 5% categories is they target students…offerings such as gym memberships, online shopping and restaurants appear often! Card is extremely popular for students to buy necessities for school, and even include a section for new and used textbooks. The card offers 3% on all purchases plus 1% on daily purchases. They even offer $100.00 statement credit when you open a new account. Purchasing textbooks can get expensive…save 3% by purchasing off of!

Discover it for Students

No fees for practically anything! Students going abroad can rest easy knowing that Discover it has no international transaction fee, no annual fee, no over limit fee and plenty of other fee free benefits. In addition to the plenty of waived fees Discover it offers, this card also offers a standard 1% cash back on daily purchases as well as 5% on various quarterly categories. They even offer a cash back concierge who can help you discover the best ways to take advantage of the cash back program.


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