How to Save Money on a Mechanic

The idea that women are not into their cars is, frankly, rather outdated. US women contribute $200 billion dollars a year to the auto industry and four out of five car purchases are influenced by women. However, when it comes to getting these cars fixed, most women might feel that they get worse service and are charged more than men by mechanics. So, here are a few tips that might help you save a little money on mechanics.


I don’t mean a full-on service, but common things that you should know as a driver, but don’t really could save you a whole lot of money. Checking tire pressure is essential to safety as well as fuel economy and tire life. The average pressure is 35 psi; so if you need to inflate your tires, simply locate the valve on your tire and press on the air fitting until air is flowing into the tyre. Check the pressure periodically and you stop when you’ve reached the right pressure. This could save you up to $800 a year. Oil level is important too, as this is a simple yet vital part of your engine’s life. Check the dipstick, if it’s within a suitable range (check your manual!) and top up accordingly. A DIY oil check could save you between $30 and $60 each time. You could also consider learning how to change bulbs, fuses and the air filter, which could also save you a considerable amount.

Find a Good Mechanic

Finding a good mechanic is worth the money, as their repairs will last longer and you’ll have found someone you can trust. First of all, ask around. I’m sure your friends and family have lots of tales about mechanics, some good, some bad, and some downright awful, but they should be able to help you out. Only use certified mechanics with reliable referrals, and make sure they service your model of car. They should fully explain their repairs and should also guarantee them. They should keep a clean shop too. A good mechanic will also give you a written estimate, and let you know if there is something further that needs to be dealt with before going ahead. Don’t only go for a low price, less is not necessarily more in this business. If something doesn’t feel right, then simply don’t leave your car with them and find someone else.

Comprehensive Insurance

Good insurance will have breakdown cover, so you can get a trusted mechanic to come and sort out your car hopefully there and then. Look at insurance comparison sites in your area to find the best insurance for you, for example you could search for the cheapest car insurance in Ireland or a certain state. You could save a lot of money by having good insurance, after all that’s what it’s for!

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