How to Save Money on gas and Electricity!

In all walks of life, saving money is a good thing, especially when financial circumstances require it. Many businesses are finding that, especially in the current economic climate, any savings that can be made are absolutely necessary. One of the biggest possible savings you could make is on your gas and electricity bills. Energy costs are rising all the time, so going to someone like make it cheaper to find a better deal (if possible) might be worth your while, especially if you’re struggling to make a profit.

One person who called upon the services of Make it Cheaper, who saved thousands of their clients a combined $88m in 2011 is Jan Frost, the owner of Screenbase, a company who produce and design office screen systems. She found that her gas and electricity bills were far too high for her liking, and a succession of problems with her old supplier acted as a wake-up call.

“I had a number of problems with my old supplier. Their estimates for the amount I had to pay for my energy were very erratic, which made budgeting difficult, but the final straw was being told that they would raise prices at the end of 2011. That’s when I realized that switching suppliers was the best thing to do”, said Jan.

After deciding to leave her old supplier, she did all she could to find a new supplier who would offer her a better deal on her gas and electricity. She tried contacting a number of different energy suppliers directly, but found the right deal simply by going to Make it Cheaper for advice. They paired her up with CNG, a gas supplier based in Harrogate. They charge her just 4$ per unit, meaning that she would save around $500 per year.

When it comes to reducing your gas and electricity bills, you might ponder other ways of doing it. Looking at the way your company uses energy could be one thing, especially if you’re trying to identify any wastage, but changing suppliers is perhaps the best option available. Even if you think your business is getting a good deal on its gas and electricity supply, there might be an even better deal out there, and by going to Make it Cheaper for help, you could make the savings necessary to considerably improve your finances. You could even invest the savings in another part of your business, which in the long run could help it grow.

Also consider an HVAC specialist to consult you for money saving tips.  “Your heating system adds quality to your life,” said the owner of a business that specializes in heating and air in Kirksville. It’s true, so why not get the best you can for the most affordable price!

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