How to Choose Overseas Health Care Insurance

If you are thinking of visiting Australia for a long stay and are worried about medical or health insurance, you need to strongly consider Overseas Visitors Health Cover. This particularly applies to those looking to come and stay on a student or 457 long-stay working visa.  Visas of this variety, and others, require you have your own cover and you will not be considered without it.

It can be a little confusing when choosing your health coverage. Most policies you find will cover the requirements for your visa but, make sure they do though; the last thing you want is for your visa to be denied because of something so simple. The minimum cover is for medically-required hospital admission some will even cover a percentage of doctor’s bills. But it would seem the variety of Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) programs out there seem to differ in terms of benefits suitability and especially fees.

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Australian health costs can be fairly hefty if you have no insurance. Some hospitals have been known to charge upward of $1000 a day, this goes for the private and public sector and if you have no insurance, you will be looking at fitting the bill yourself.

When It comes down to actually buying your insurance, it’s a tough choice so try to keep it simple, here are a few pointers that if followed, should get you on the right path:

Make sure your visa requirements have been fulfilled. This is the first hurdle you will face.

Read the small print. Every legal document has them and insurance policies are no different, make sure you never sign something you don’t know inside out.

You need to make sure the dates of the visiting time and the insurance coincide. Some policies have waiting periods; make sure you definitely have the dates set in stone before you take out a policy. You don’t want to be caught short whilst overseas.

Always keep up with your payments. If you fall behind you could not only lose your health cover but your visa too.

Hopefully this helps you in thinking through overseas insurance options!

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