Smart Family Finance Update: Happy 6th Anniversary to Me, Mrs. Smart Family Finance

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Confession. Six Years ago Mrs. Smart Family Finance and I exchanged vows and officially added the word Family between Smart and Finance. Ever since then, life has been amazing.

We started careers, we bought a house and have two amazing children; the latest addition just last summer. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been six glorious years and I know there will be many great things to come.

I don’t know how one transitions from “my life is complete thanks to Mrs. Smart Family Finance” to; “so here is the scoop with the blog, but here it goes”:

So, here is the scoop with the blog!

I Started a New Site Called The Family Consumer

There’s so much interesting consumer news, I just had to start a new site. It’s called The Family Consumer. You’ll find interesting consumer news, worth sharing on twitter and facebook. You’ll also find lots of deals and financial products to help you improve your finances. Please, please, please leave a comment or link back to the site if you enjoy the content.

Longer and Confusing Titles, but Cooler Reading

You may or may not have noticed, but I changed the formula for my articles a touch. I felt like reciting information about personal finances was getting a little dry. I decided to spice up my posting with real life news about family finances so that you can see how the financial information that I write about applies. It’s making for some great content, however, as Jeremy of Personal Finance Whiz points out, I’ll setting records in article title lengths.

I’m Losing 10 Pounds!

Not immediately, but by April. Newlyweds on Budget is challenging several bloggers to lose 10 pounds and I’ve signed up. I’m not terribly out of shape, but it’s time I cut the 20 pounds I gained after college in half!

10 Great Family Finance Posts for Your Family

  1. After years of constant use, it’s easy for us parents to forget how complicated the idea of credit cards can be. SB helps parents to remember the more confusing aspects of credit cards and how to teach teens about them.
  2. What’s the average family’s tax rebate? Elle at Couple Money provides the family stats on refunds and some ideas on how to put the refund to good use.
  3. Disclaimer: While I recommend reading Your Finances Simplified’s post on “How to Get Out of A Speeding Ticket and Save Tons of Money,” While I advise you to watch the video about hypnotizing police officers, Smart Family Finance only condones the legal techniques mentioned.
  4. If you have children, you need a will. Why? Hank Coleman gives everyone three reasons why creating a will is an important family finance must do.
  5. Saving money on food costs is my favorite topic, which is why Prairie-Eco Thrifter’s “How to Save Money on Food Costs” is highly recommended. You’ll find several suggestions and I guarantee that you’ll learn something new. Like how banana’s keep longer when in a bunch.
  6. Your favorite retailers are offering discounts through membership cards, but are they worth the hassle? Derek from Life and My Finances takes a look at the advantages of and disadvantages of membership cards.
  7. Renting does not reduce your need for insurance. In fact, the more people jammed into an apartment building, the more likely someone is likely to ignite the building. 20’s Finances covers the importance of renters insurance.
  8. Could the economy be rebounding? If so, interest rates are likely to start rising. Money is the Root covers some reasons for refinancing now.
  9. Average Joe Finance lists the reasons why disability insurance is very important. Scary stats like how one in four 20-somethings is on disability.
  10. Sweating the Big Stuff discusses your payroll taxes in 2012. After years of being simple, they are a bit complicated and this is why.

Top Referrers

Couple Money and Life and My Finances were my top blog referrals over the last two weeks.


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