Who Spends More UK or US Parents: Average Family Christmas Gift Spending Per Child 2011

GiftsThey have fish and chips, we have fish fry. They have 007, we have Mission Impossible. However, when the chips are bet on family consumerism for Christmas gifts, who spends more per child; parents in the US or UK?

How Much Money are UK Parents Spending Per Child on Christmas Gifts

According to research from a UK insurance company, the average UK parent is budgeting 178 pounds per child on presents and gifts for their children. UK parents this year are not holding back this year even though economic times are tough. The survey found that in general, parents are spending as much or more on Christmas presents this year.

UK children are also taking their Christmas lists seriously. One 13-year old threatened Santa in a Christmas list if correct presents were not delivered on demand.

How Much Money are US Parents Spending Per Child on Christmas Gifts

A survey by Parenting and MSN found that US parents were planning on coughing up $271 per child this holiday season. Like our friends across the pond in the UK, US parents declined a reduction in gift spending this year, 3 in 4 parents said that they were spending as much or more on presents this year.

US moms cited guilt as the spending catalyst. US parents also promised to come to grandma’s aide as 98% of those polled said they’d take corrective action if their children complain about getting socks.

Who Spends More Per Child on Christmas Gifts: UK Parents or US Parents

I’m calling this one a tie!

Based on today’s exchange rate, 178 pounds is equivalent to 274 US dollars. That’s only $3 more than what US parents were reporting on spending this years. However, given fluctuating exchange rates and the shear insignificance of the difference, I think that it is safe to say that while parents may live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we spoil our children equally when it comes to Christmas gifts.

Do you think spending $270’sh per child is considered spoiling your kids? Who do you think spoils their children more: US or UK parents?

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