Smart Family Finance Joins the Online Money Bloggers 30K Challenge

It’s time for a new challenge.

Several months ago, I notified you that I’d be joining the Yakezie Challenge. I never thought I would possibly complete the challenge and reduce my alexa rank from 3.5 million to 200,000 or lower. However, with the help of many blogging friends I met through Yakezie, I am now under 160,000.

I like a good challenge. That’s why I’m joining Online Money Blogger’s 30k Challenge. The goal is to earn $30,000 from my blogs in one year. That’s $2,500 per month.

Additionally, I’ll be providing updates regularly and posting once every three months on the Online Money Blogger’s website about money making strategies.

Like Your Finances Simplified, it’s going to be a real kick in the pants. I’ve never tried to monetize my blog before. I have a few creative ideas that I’ll be sharing, but no real feel for whether those ideas are feasible or actionable, but then that’s really the point.

Taking on any challenge is never a guarantee for success. However, it does give me a goal to strive for and while I may not attain that goal, I will increase my knowledge about making money online, network with other great bloggers and hopefully earn more money blogging.

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