Mythbusters: Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damage from a Cannonball


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Yesterday cast members Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara of the Discovery show Mythbusters accidentally fired a cannon ball into a home in Dublin, CA. The cannon ball test was occurring at a nearby police firing range when the errant shot that hit the roof of one home, ripped through the side of another and landed in a nearby van. Poor aim was cited as the main culprit for the accident.


Lead Mythbuster Adam Savage is already apologizing and offering to cover any damage from the rogue cannonball shot. Still, would a homeowners insurance policy cover the damage if the Mythbusters don’t make good on their promise to pay for damages?

The answer is: Yes.

Cannonball Fire is Usually Covered in Homeowners Insurance

Most homeowners insurance policies are written to cover just about any weird or unusual loss or damage that can happen to your home. After all, that’s the purpose of having insurance.

When a policy is written up, it has an open perils clause. Essentially, the open perils clause states that so long as the cause is not listed as exclusive in the policy, the cause of loss is covered. The open peril clause provides a way for insurance to cover unusual circumstances while naming common circumstances that would lead to numerous claims if covered.

*Note: when I say “most homeowners insurance policies” I am referring specifically to policies known as HO-3.

What if the Mythbusters Had Declared War on America

But, what if, before firing the cannon, the Mythbusters had decided to declare war on America?

Not all cannonball fire is created equal in the standard homeowners insurance policy. As I stated above, insurance company will state perils that they will specifically exclude from coverage. One such common exclusion is acts of war.

Are Other Unusual Things Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

You bet! Homeowners insurance has paid for:

There are also many circumstances where homeowner’s coverage falls short and many homeowners are taken by surprise. Some examples are:

  • Damages from a flood or earthquake
  • Injuries your pet inflicted
  • Your automobile or boat

However, the good news is that cannonball fire is covered!

Video and pictures of the Mythbusters Dublin cannonball issue below:


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