Merry Christmas to Me: The Average Christmas Shopper Spends an All-Time High of $130.43 Buying Christmas Gift for Self

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Do you spend more on presents for others when it comes to Christmas shopping? According to the National Retail Federation, the average Christmas shopper is spending $130.43 buying presents for numero uno. That’s up 16% over last year and a record high. Over one third of all shoppers plan on buying a “me” gift and the population is higher for black Friday shoppers; roughly half.

While I might not agree on the standard $130.43 self-holiday-gift-budget, I do think that Christmas is a great time for some I-shopping. Here are some things worth buying this season that are guaranteed to not come with buyer’s remorse.

Good Will toward Men

Ok. You didn’t really think I was going to be all like, “buy yourself shoes for Christmas,” or “splurge on a big screen TV,” or were you?

There have been numerous stories of folks paying off layaway accounts with toys on them. The Consumerist has a real-life account. If you have room in your budget, be selfish in being selfless and surprise strangers with the gift of giving. No one has to know that you are really doing it to feel good about yourself.

Use up Your FSA

If your flexible spending account expires on December 31st, like mine does, you’d better think about making some health care purchases. FSA is a use it or lose it account that takes regular deductions out of your paycheck. This means that it is easy to forget about and many families have a lot to lose in not using it by their cut-off date.

Take the trip to the dentist you’ve been putting off or getting that regular screening you’ve been putting off and do yourself a favor.

A Tax Deduction

There are many consumer products that are tax deductible, but you have to make the purchases this year. If you need some ideas, I’ve already listed a number of gifts you can give your family with tax benefit implications. They will also work for you!

Don’t deny yourself gifts at Christmas time. Instead, embrace them by buying gifts that will leave you guilt free.

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