Money-Saving Tips for Family Car Owners

The following is a guest post from Emma, a freelance writer in the UK.

While having your own family car is a must for most families across the UK, it’s becoming an increasingly less justifiable expense as the cost of living continues to rise – and the injury claims culture continues to burgeon, pushing the price of once cheap car insurance through the roof.

So is there anything you can do to help cut costs and keep your family car?


Exchanging your large motor for something smaller and more economical to run and insure Is a sure-fire way of saving a good chunk of money. You may well be able to grab yourself a good used car deal in the used car market, and it may even be worth looking into the affordability and feasibility of buying yourself a new electric car like the highly-acclaimed Nissan Leaf. Electric cars are cheaper to run and qualify for lots of various tax and toll exemptions. And if you have two or more cars, you could consider sharing just one. It may be a little more inconvenient than your current setup, but you’re a human being, so you’ll adjust much easier than you think!


The biggest tip is to shop around online using a car insurance comparison website, into which you can input your details in order for the site to grab a list or quotes from hundreds of providers based on your criteria. Other methods of swiping cheaper car insurance include offering to pay a higher excess (that you’d definitely be able to afford should the worst happen), improving the security of the vehicle and lowering your annual mileage (but beware – lowering it to below your actual annual mileage will render your insurance invalid, so be careful!).

If you need more advice on car insurance check out this site.


Be savvy when you buy your gas – supermarkets are usually the cheapest places for gas, so plan your gas stop offs as much as possible. Also, make sure you fill the tank and don’t just fill up with small amounts of fuel. Driving to get gas itself costs money, and in the long term that could amount to a lot if you’re not careful. Try to car share as much as possible with other families on the school run, or take turns to drive each other’s kids to school. Similarly, if you live near any work colleagues, suggest lift sharing.

So there are plenty of ways to save on the cost of running your car, it’s just a matter of being clever about it and thinking long term.

Shaun’s thoughts:

Car expenses are the second largest cost in the average family budget. Making an effort to reduce transportation costs is time well spent and likely to have a large impact in your family’s spending.

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