Families Using Digital Coupons Earn Six Figures: How to Use Online Coupons

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What do families earning over $100,000/year know that you don’t know? According to recent research on coupon user demographics, families that use digital coupons earn, on average, $105,000 a year. Why are online coupons so popular with those with higher incomes?

Sites that offer digital coupons have grown rapidly over the last few years by offering printable coupons and coupon codes for everything, such as food, electronics, personal products and services. The online, digital format saves time and increases money savings. Since sites are able to index coupons by product and manufacturer, searching requires only a few minutes and you never miss a deal because you overlooked a coupon page in your newspaper.

If you’ve never used online coupons before, don’t be intimidated by technology. Finding and using digital coupons is very easy once you learn how to use them.

Step 1: What Type of Online Coupon Do You Need?

Digital coupons come in two forms: printable coupons and coupon codes.

Printable coupons are just like the traditional coupons you are used to receiving in your newspaper. The only difference is that you will print them out instead of cut them out of your newsprint. They work the same way as well. You take the printable coupon with you to the store and hand it over to the cashier when you pay for your purchases.

Coupon codes work in a similar fashion, but they are for buying things online. If you are making a purchase online, you’ll notice that there is no cashier to hand a physical coupon. Instead, at the time of checkout, the retailer’s webpage will give you an opportunity to type in a code that offers you discounts. The offer for coupon codes is not any different than traditional coupons. Often, entering a coupon code will give you a specific amount off your purchase or a percentage.

Step 2: Find Online Coupons

This will probably be the most difficult step. There are so many online coupons; it might take you a while to find a site that works for you. You can obtain digital coupons from two main sources. You can get them directly from a manufacturer’s website or social media site or you can get them from a coupon website.

I recommend using a coupon website like CouponSnapshot, because they have large collections of hundreds of retail discounts. It will save you time by searching one website instead of multiple manufacturer’s websites. You may also find brand alternatives that you would not have known about had you simply searched manufacturers you were familiar with.

Coupon websites are not difficult to locate and it requires little more than a simple Google search. However, it may take some searching before you find a site that meets your shopping habits and needs.

Step 3: Obtain the Coupon

For coupon codes, you only need to write down the code that you want to use and then enter the code with the retailer at the time of purchase. When checking out on a retailer’s website, keep an eye out for a prompt that asks for a coupon code.

However, when using coupon codes, it is important to keep in mind that there is a possibility the code will not work because it has expired or is incorrect. Don’t let one bad experience discourage you. Running into an inactive coupon code is unavoidable and common. It just takes a little patience, and often the savings are worth it.

Printable coupons often require users to download software to print. This is because manufacturers want to ensure that you cannot print out an infinite number of coupons. As a result, printable coupons have a certain amount of risk. Make sure you do a little research about the coupon site to ensure its legitimacy before downloading a printing program. You also want to limit the number of site you use to a couple to prevent crowding your computer with coupon printing programs.

Step 4: Use the Coupons

As a mentioned earlier, printable coupons are used the same way as traditional coupons. You simply hand them to a cashier at the time you pay for a purchase.

For coupon codes, you will need to keep your eyes open. Not all retailers take coupon codes, but many do. If they accept coupon codes, you will find a box somewhere during your check out to enter the code. It is usually before you enter any card information.

My family put an end to most couponing, but digital coupons are easy to use and save money. If affluent families can do it, so can you.

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