Clearing the Browser Tabs: How Rich Was Your Christmas?

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Christmas on a budget is hard.

With Mrs. SmartFamilyFinance out of work for the year to stay home with the kids, we decided to try and make 80% of our gifts. I’m blessed that Mrs. SmartFamilyFinance is gifted at arts and crafts. Her hard work helped us to stay within our means.

I was a different story. I struggled in coming up with things to make that were within my abilities. Add in my natural male-endowed challenges in thinking up gifts and I have to be honest; I wanted to be out using the little rectangular piece of plastic in my wallet as an easy way out.

I’m not trying to make it sound like Mrs. SmartFamilyFinance had it easy; she worked far harder than I. What I’m trying to say is that I can see how tempting it can be to spend beyond your means when pre-made, hassle-free gifts are sitting on the shelves of every retailer.

However, regardless of whether the gifts were made by hand with love or bought from a store, I felt rich this Christmas because of all the family and friends that I’m sharing the day with. Even though Christmas is scaled back, I feel rich.

Smart Family Finance has received many gifts from other bloggers this year in the form of links. I’d like to repay them with this handcrafted post.

Five Great Bloggers Worth Reading This Week

Most Referral Traffic

One of the gifts that I value most is traffic from other bloggers. It’s something I don’t hear many other personal finance bloggers talk about or focus on, but there are three very good reasons why you should value referral traffic:

  • It increases the hit count s on your blog (which believe it or not is very important)
  • It builds your credibility as a writer. This is something people overlook because google searches don’t know any better, but if you want to build a dedicated readership you need credibility and when you are new to blogging, you need others’ help to establish it. Referral traffic is merely the passing on of credibility from one person’s readers to another
  • It develops personal finance readership as a whole. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be a PF blog reader, which means as a blogging community we are left with two options: find and convert new readers and expand the time and enjoyment of current readers. Referring readers to others sites will aide both efforts.

My top referrers this month were So Over Debt, Your Finances Simplified and Couple Money.

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