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The cost of hosting a blog on wordpress or blogger: zero dollars. Writing a 400 to 800 word post: zero dollars.  Nabbing pictures with no copyright or restrictions: zero dollars. Injecting google ads into your homepage in order to make a few bucks: zero dollars. Sending readership to another author for repayment of prior linkage: priceless.

I was born a money nerd. When I first watched Mary Poppins as a child, I was angry at Michael Banks for not investing his tuppence; railways in Africa sounded like a really cool idea to me! I also perk up at any money wisdom, whenever and  wherever it appears in classical fiction.

There is a chapter in Alexandre Dumas’ classic Three Musketeers where the three (really four) musketeers are down on their luck and do not have enough money to eat. It is right before D’Artagnan beats his man-servant for trying to terminate employment, attempts to engage in a one-night stand with a married woman, and seduces another woman under false pretenses (it’s a family read, if you are French).  Dumas gives us some investment wisdom from Aramis (no it’s not “all for one and one for all”):

… for according to the advice of Aramis, it was prudent to sow repasts right and left in prosperity, in order to reap a few in time of need.

The wisdom of Aramis is that you should seek investments in friendships in times of surplus so that those friends carry you through potential times of hardship. The best investment in times of plenty is to invite others to dinner. If the three musketeers had been modern day bloggers, dinners would be hyperlinks.

Cash Flow Mantra, who kindly linked a few weeks ago, was inquiring about superman/woman bloggers who are able to hold down a full-time job, parent and reach the upper echelon of blogging income glory. I am very much employed full-time; plus a little freelance writing. My latest tax deduction was born only two short months ago. I don’t have a lot of time to invest, but I’ve been the benefactor of many other bloggers, who have linked generously to this blog and I hope to repay those who have invested in this site in every way possible.

I received much in September, which means the browser tab is a long one to clear.

Blog of the Week:

For those who may not have noticed, I feature the blog that provided the most referral traffic each week. The feature is called “the blog of the week” and can be found at the top of my sidebar. SB of One Cent at a Time holds the unmatched honor of having been the first featured blog. Corey of 20’s Finances managed to hold the spot for two consecutive weeks before being unseated by Yakezie this week.

If you are unfamiliar with Yakezie, it is a personal finance blogger community made up of some of the best financial writers on the web. If you are looking for some good finance reading, I guarantee the writer you are looking for is there.

Sites that have Published My Articles

Sites That Have Graciously Linked

  • How many hours of schooling do our children complete before graduating high school? Now how many of those schooling hours are devoted to personal finances? Parents, not schools are responsible for teaching their children about money and Ashley of Money Talks thinks that it is time her nine-year-old learns how to shop. Ashley was my interview last Saturday. I hope the fact she linked to the interview means that I didn’t make her look bad.
  • DollarVersity thinks that you are an idiot if you do not think like him; at least that’s what his title says. Eric J. Nisall cuts against the grain in dealing with the great personal finance divide over whether credit cards work for the forces of good or evil. He also graciously forwarded me some traffic last Monday!
  • My finance professor used to say “in finance, we say complicated things with confusing terms like ‘utility curves,’ because if we said ‘happiness lines’ people would know what we are talking about and wouldn’t pay us as much.” If I’d have to sum up fellow Yakezie challenger, Money Q&A, I’d say the site is all about un-complicating those nebulous finance concepts. If you are looking for a taste, feast on a little deconstructed econ talk and learn about what economists guess about when they think a recession is occurring. Apparently, he doesn’t care that he’s reducing the value of my finance paycheck, but he was kind enough to link, twice.
  • For many, the right loan is whatever loan that qualifies them to get the money they want. However, not all loan products are created equal and you can find benefits by searching for the right loan to fit your needs. Jacob of My Personal Finance Journey explores some of those benefits. He also featured one of my posts from last week as editor’s choice in My Personal Finance Journey’s Blog Carnival yesterday. Plus, Jacob is scheduled next week for my Saturday interview series.
  • Advice! If you don’t want some snarky blogger to point out your grammatical errors, don’t post grammatical errors online for everyone to see. That’s why Mrs. SmartFamilyFinance is taking over on editing. I am grateful for all the traffic from Control Your Cash, but rethinking my college alumni donation for next year.
  • Andrea of So Over Debt has never linked me, but she did put me on some random page called blogs I love. It has been enough to make So Over Debt one of my top five referral blogs. Plus, she writes posts that remind me of why I’m happily married to a musician.

Want to be the best blog writer ever? Spend hours creating great content; just be aware that no one will ever find it. Want to be the best blogger? Link like Aramis.

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