Top Ten Jobs That Bounce Back After Mass Layoffs

Once fired, are there jobs likely to be rehired? The answer is Yes and given the high levels of unemployment still looming from the last recession, those unemployed may want to take note if they are considering retraining.

45,027; That’s the number of mass layoffs a researcher for the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded between 2000 and 2007. Mass layoffs occur when more than 50 people are terminated at the same time from the same employer. Mass layoffs are so pervasive that they have become a common place in the modern workforce. While some jobs seem to vanish and never return, there are a number of occupations that actually grow in the wake of large job losses.

Last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released a study released a list of the occupations that have bounce back the best over the last 10 years:

Top 10 Jobs that Bounce Back

  • Eligibility interviewers, government programs
  • Food scientists and technologists
  • Residential advisers
  • Cooling and freezing equipments operators
  • Physicists
  • Engine and machine assemblers
  • Therapists
  • Agricultural and food science technicians
  • Cooks
  • Masons

Beyond listing these types of educations, the research found a variable that increased the likelihood a job will bounce back:

… jobs lost between 2000 and 2007 in establishments where extended mass layoffs occurred tended to be those which required less training and fewer analytical skills; jobs in occupations that were core to the specific industry generally were retained general, occupations that were retained orwhose employment expanded after layoffs were those that tended to require analytical skills and extensive technical training, such as computer, financial, and legal analysts.

Establishments generally let go of workers in occupations that tended to require less training, such as clerical and personal care occupations, and in occupations that tended to require mainly nonanalytical skills, such as material moving and production occupations. This finding was evident in the most commonly reported reason for layoffs.

My own company is planning on laying off 100 workers. The good news is that accountants are one of the many finance jobs that bounce back.

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